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We are a space travel agency. We neither develop spaceships nor operate them.
But through the ages, travel agencies have done much more than simply make ticket reservations. Travel agencies have played an important role in communicating the enchanting allure of destinations. We are confident that we understand the “allure” of space as a travel destination and the strong “desire” to go to space better than anyone. Why? Because we share the same desire to experience space travel. We will try, to the best of our ability, to experience these space flights before you, so that we may discover the allure of space firsthand and share our discoveries with you.


Space travel is no longer the stuff of dreams. Already, 7 civilians have traveled to the International Space Station. But what is more surprising, you can already purchase “tickets to the moon.” No one has set foot on the moon since the Apollo program, but through careful and meticulous planning, moon travel is becoming a reality.


Established in 2001, SPACE FILMS is the world’s one and only video production company in space. Thus far, it has shot TV commercials of products such as POCARI SWEAT and CUP NOODLE in space. These projects were brought to life by the cooperation of JAXA, NASA, the Russian Space Agency, and astronauts from various different countries. SPACE FILMS was named one of Japan’s top 100 small/medium-sized companies that the world has a keen interest in by Newsweek Japan 2007. The experience cultivated by SPACE FILMS over the past decade forms the foundations of SPACE TRAVEL, a travel agency that offers commercial trips to space. Tanegashima, Baikonur, Cape Canaveral, and the International Space Station - we consider all these locations to be our home turf.